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Fans of primitive diets will love this single-ingredient, grain-free treat. And the flavor will make your doggo howl with delight!

The freeze-drying process preserves the robust, wholesome flavors that dogs crave, sealing in all the vitamins and minerals found naturally in our pasture-raised turkeys. With zero carbs, fillers or artificial anything, Turkey Hearts tempt the taste buds of even the fussiest eaters. Ideally sized, their meaty sumptuousness is a powerful motivator for good behavior!

If your dog has been hankering for something fundamentally nourishing, wish fulfilled! A perfect alternative for pups who’ve developed allergies to chicken-based products.

You can’t beat a treat that’s all heart!

Each 3.5 oz. bag contains approximately 60 treats.

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Nuvet is a very popular company that makes dog vitamins.

Our experience with Nuvet labs have been positive. We breed dogs, and show them so we want them to be in the best health. We take great pride in our dogs, and we do feed them good dog food, however due to the nature of our breed (Bernese Mountain Dogs) they need something extra.

Large breed dogs are prone to joint problems and eye problems, it is also not uncommon for stomach issues. Although we do everything we can to give them optimal nutrition we still had some problems (even though we imported the best blood lines we could)

After the vet bills started piling up we started looking into the effect of nutrition on a dogs health, and then found nuvet labs, we decided to try nuvet plus on a few of our dogs and we were very impressed. The changes we noticed after a month or so was

  • Nicer coats

  • Better energy levels

  • Eating less food (we were really impressed with this!)

  • Less poop to clean up (Because they were not eating as much)

After some more research we found this is common, the dogs get better nutrition from the vitamins, so they don’t need to eat as much, and less of a mess for us. We then put all our dogs on the dog vitamins, and the funny thing is it actually saved us money

  • Less vet bills

  • Eating less food saved us a tonne (as a breeder we spend a lot on dog food)

  • Faster clean up time

You can see why we were thrilled with the dog vitamins. We would recommend them to anyone who bought a dog, and then decided to start this website. Of course the first article we wrote is this Nuvet Labs review. For more reviews of Nuvet read the ones below that we have found from other happy customers!

Visist the Nuvet Website to read more reviews

More Nuvet Plus Reviews

General Dog Health

We have an eight year old Maltese named Mollie. Our son recommended NuVet Plus to us about 2 years ago and we ordered your 30 day trial bottle. By the end of the 30 day period, we could tell a significant difference in her every day activity. She played more often and for longer periods of time and seemed to feel better.

We have given them to her for the two years since and would recommend them for any pet lover.

William & Jewel Ford Mollie, too!!!


Faith and her Shelties from Ohio

Attached are pictures of my Sheltie, Dr. Belvedere (the sable), now almost a year old. Last year we lost an 8 year old gorgeous Blue Merle Sheltie to cancer. We were devastated! When we were blessed with Dr. Belvedere we wanted to do everything we could to give him a long and healthy life. So we started both our shelties on NuVet Plus. Our vet was somewhat skeptical but said as long as it did no harm, it was OK. We are pleased with the product, having noticed the following results:

Dr. Belvedere (he’s a dentist, he likes to clean teeth!) injured his left wrist when he was a baby and developed arthritis. For three years he suffered with this. We treated him with Deramaxx and Adequan shots but he still limped. Just this winter (after starting the third bottle of NuVet Plus), I noticed that he was no longer limping, he could walk three miles with no pain and the swelling in his wrist is no longer noticeable. Also, he has not had to have a shot of Adequan for three months whereas before he would start limping after 28 days!

We are very pleased with the product and plan to continue to keep our great little friends on it.

Faith Bonniwell


Visist the Nuvet Website

Itching and scratching – Karen from Montana

Five months ago we adopted a 5 yr. old dog from a local shelter. The first few days he was with us, we observed major itching, coughing, wheezing, and mucus from his eyes. A full “vet wellness exam” diagnosed skin allergies.

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