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“Welcome to!      


Stay for as long as you would like! I would offer you coffee, tea or my children’s favorite… refreshing homemade slushy lemonade …but I’m happily doodling around! Come join me. I will be happy to answer all your questions!”


“What is a GoldenDoodle?” 

A Golden Doodle is considered a designer dog that originated from a Golden Retriever and Poodle. Goldendoodles are a non-shedding breed of dog for those with allergies. Their non/light shedding coats and ability to live with families with allergies has made them very popular companions.


 “Are all Goldendoodles the same?”

No, All Goldendoodles are not the same. “There are different generations of goldendoodles.”

1st generation pup - Golden Retriever x Poodle  - F1


                             Meet Lacy! She is our first doodle! She is an F1 goldendoodle

1st generation pup - Goldendoodle x Poodle  - F1b


                            Meet Golden Delicious! "Goldie" She is an F1b goldendoodle 

2nd generation pup - Goldendoodle backcross x Goldendoodle - F2B


                             Meet Mackintosh (F2) and AppleRose (F2b)  goldendoodles


 To learn more about golden doodle generations, please see our All About Doodles page.


                 Meet Angel! She is our newest family member! She is an F1  goldendoodle


“Do goldendoodles come in a selection of colors?”

“Oh yes!” The most gorgeous colors!”


  A Goldendoodle can be many colors with all sorts of markings. Reason being, the Poodle has such a variety of color genes in its genetic make-up. Goldendoodles can vary from white, light apricot, dark apricot, cream, red, chocolate, chocolate phantom, silver phantom, silver frost, silver and black. Goldendoodles can also be any of the mentioned colors and have white or tan markings. Goldendoodles can be tri-color (silver/tan/white, silver/white/tan, black/white/tan, black/tan/white, etc.) and

                Goldendoodles can be of parti-color with any combination of colors and markings that would make them of parti-coloration. The most sought out color in a Goldendoodle is cream or light apricot. Here at Cha Cha Doodles, We have a variety of light colored doodles! Our Family is not yet complete. Please see our How it Began page to see why we have 5 goldendoodles to love! And still need another!


             “Do goldendoodles have nice coats ?”

Goldendoodles have a beautiful long coat that is soft in texture and can be straight to shag, wavy, or have a loose curl to a corkscrew teddy bear like curl


 “Do goldendoodles like to play?” 


 Playing is over-rated! 


 “Where are the puppies raised?”


Here at Cha Cha Doodles, Our puppies are born and raised in our home. I believe the first 2-3 months are most important to the puppy’s development life from a puppy to a dog.


Our goldendoodle pups are held and loved throughout the day by my family, which includes our children. By the time our doodle pups go to their forever homes, they are most happy around people!


 “Do you start potty training the puppies before they leave?”

Golden Doodles are eager to please which makes them easy to train …as long as their new owner sticks to a routine. All our puppies leave with a daily schedule, which include “potty training” Which I have already started! Our puppies leave crate trained! As well they are doing extremely well with potty training!

“We are on our 1st Field Trip! We are going to the Potty Spot!” 


“How do your children do once the puppies leave?”

I am asked this question a lot! The fact is my children love all the puppies! They count down the days for each new birth. The hardest was our very first litter.  I knew the first litter would be the hardest. Not just for the children…but for me as well! We decided that since we used a stud (for our first litter), we would keep a puppy to make it easier to say goodbye to the others. We kept a gorgeous Apricot wave to a shag puppy. That puppy since has turned pure white! She made cover of ASPCA Magazine! She is our precious AppleRose!


 I am very proud of my children they all come together as a team to help raise and love the puppies and take care of their own doodles. This experience has taught them great responsibilities including respecting animals.  Now when puppies leave our home, our children do ask their new owners to promise to continue spoiling their new puppy as we have started. They also ask for pictures and e-mail updates .

“Ohhh...Where are you?...

“I can smell you!” 


“I know you are here somewhere!”  

“Ahhh....There you are! This is the life!”   



 If you have any questions...Please e-mail or call us  


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Cha Cha Doodles!”  

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