Concierge Services

We never ship Goldendoodles to their new family! We hand deliver! With the Cha Cha Doodle concierge services, your pup will get the very best love, care and beginning stages to potty training in their first 8 weeks. We do believe in crate training along with the reward kitchen/family room play with supervision and much snuggles. They will be hand held, played with and loved daily. You will have the option of the puppy getting one on one training after 8 weeks of age. I will hold your puppy during transporting (using a small crate when absolutely needed) we will spread out the day (depending on distance) for potty and playing. I will spend hours to a few days with the new family. All this will be scheduled in advance. We are available to return if needed and available. Cons to shipping a puppy: Shipping a puppy will be extremely lonely and scary. This can cause your new puppy much stress. Puppies will potty and the only placethey will sit is in the mess. This can cause stress and diseases. Most puppies will get very sick, they might need blood transfusion, many puppies have died. Some places put a puppy in a quarantine before they ship the puppy. There are so many more cons of why I will never ship a puppy or a dog. Pros to shipping a puppy: NONE!!!!!
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