Doodle Playdates

Cha Cha Doodles has been opening our home for many years to playdates! We want to meet the potential newest families before they get their newest furry family members.

My home turns into a hands on educational/bonding Doddle Playdate.

We ask families to come with many questions. We want each and every family to get just as good start as your puppy gets. We’ve learned over the years, anxious families make anxious puppies. So if we can help prior to getting your newest family member home… all will be happy. The new family and most importantly the pup (that my family has been loving).

We’ve come to love these bonding play dates. Many families have called or emailed my family to thank them for a well adjusted, socialized happy puppy. But my husband and I owe so many of those families a bigger thank you. Those families, white here bonding with their puppy, took the time to educate my children on careers. I felt like each bonding Playdate was Career Day. My children all grew up very curious about the world. They were not afraid to ask questions. Many families talked about career choices and how to get there.

-My oldest son Christopher will graduate from the Coast Guard Academy next year

-Alexander will start his college education at Texas A&M Galveston.

-Hannah plans to continue to make the Deans List in HS.

So again, I want to thank so many puppy families. You all made a huge impact on our family too.

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